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Wordstmith- Brontide

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Summefield Delight | Wordsmith - Brontide

Brontide - the sound of the distant thunder. Some of my favorite moments in the summer are the really hot, grey and humid days before the rain. I especially love if these things coincide with the late afternoon or evening. The moment I hear the rumble I turn off the air conditioning that is keeping the humidity out, and let in the breeze of the on-coming storm. I turn off the electronics and get out a good book and let the noise of the storm coming closer wrap me up in humidity. 

Wordsmith - Sobremesa

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Everyone knows that lovely lingering feeling after a meal, when the dishes don't matter, just the moment of friends and good food after a fun meal. Another word that is an essential part of our family and friends, weekends and holidays yet doesn't exist in the english language. Maybe it's because the Spanish know how to live and enjoy the moment much better than us here in the US or in England. Sitting up and drinking tea does not count as sobremesa, slouching is appropriate. Open the windows, invite some friends over and keep the conversation going! Happy weekend to my readers, and happy birthday to the best little sister ever :)


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Lovely readers! 

I am off on vacation for the next week, and might not end up with wireless enough to post for the week. If I don't enjoy your summer week. I am off to Mt Desert Island, specifically AMC Camp - ECHO LAKE to see family and enjoy the outdoors with friends for the week. The pretty awesome family camp will be arranging our hiking, eating and activities and I cannot wait to disconnect from TV and the internet for a whole week. Hence the lack in posting. Here are some photos from a few years ago when my sister, mom and myself went up to Acadia for a few days on the way up to Prince Edward Island. This side of the family (my mom's) is where my middle name originates. My great grandfather was named John Summerfield and he went by Summy for short. Long story short(er) the name Summerfield has remained an important part of our family. My grandmother, my mother and myself and my cousin have all been given the middle name Summerfield. The Jenkins heritage lives on! My mom's cousin Neddie and his wife Mary run the camp, and we are excited to see them at the same time as hiking, paddle boarding, sailing, swimming in the amazing lake and enjoying the company of new friends, our fellow campers. See you in a week.

Summerfield Delight | Acadia National Park

Wordsmith - Nocuer

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Summerfield Delight | Wordsmith - Noceur

A nocuer, or a night-owl and sometimes in reference to a party-animal is one who enjoys the quiet hours of night to themselves. Maybe they are donning a sequin top and dancing the night away, or maybe they have a big test the next morning and are huddled in their dorm room studying. A nocuer sees the hours of the day that most of us spend sleeping, and need a good sleeping mask to sleep during the day. I much prefer the mystery of this word over "night - owl" it seems like you could be moonlighting a cooler life being a nocuer, vs just a party animal. Enjoy your holiday weekend, with sparkler and bonfires filling up the night sky!

Six Beautiful Apps

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Summerfild Delight | Six iPhone Apps for Creatives

These aren't just apps for the creative or designer, but ones who appreciate modern design and aesthetics in UI design. These are the prettiest apps you need to download right now. With Arthur looming and potentially brining some cookouts inside, enjoy these six apps for your holiday weekend. 

PIC TAP GO: For easy full landscapes of portrait style images with great filters that can be saved to presets and edited with opacity changes, you can fix that lighting mishap or dreary looking day to something beautiful in just a few clicks. 

TWO DOTS: Addictive game that keeps you coming back for more, twenty minutes later that is... once you lose your 5 lives, you earn back your lives 20 mins at time. This ensures that you don't overload on the cute graphics and fun puzzle game, and stay addicted for longer.

DARK SKY: I am not actually sure how we lived without digital weather apps, what if you didn't get a newspaper subscription, and what if you needed to know whether you had time for a run? What about whether or not the rain would stop so you could do your errands without getting sopping wet! Dark Sky tells you whether or not it will rain in the next hour, and alerts you with a nice alert that lets you know it's about to come down! Hurry get this app now if you don't want to be caught in the rain <no I am not being sponsored> This guy costs $3.99, but I have gotten many friends addicted and they will tell you they would be lost without Dark Sky! Well worth four dollars. Period.

ELEVATE: Ok, so this app is new to me, but this is the kind of app you cannot have the TV on in the background. You have to actually pay attention. There are numerous categories that train your brain, like luminosity but not a game... challenging but still fun, plus graphic are pretty killer.

OYSTER: The netflix for books is my new favorite thing, and their design makes me feel better about reading eBooks as a print graphic designer. I know I said I would never read on an iPad, but I don't own one yet ... so iPhone it is for now ;) These guys have more books than you could ever read, and have a whole section of books with new covers just designed for Oyster... did I say they appreciate designers or what?! If you do sign up, PLEASE CLICK HERE so I can get credit, thanks! The app costs about $10 a month, but if you are buying books eBooks or Printed you will most likely be spending over 120 a year on books if you read a lot. Plus, you can just stop reading when you don't like it without feeling you need to get your money's worth!

QUIZ UP: I legit am a terrible Quiz Up opponent. I had to challenge my sister in graphic design to feel better about myself. One for the win! Besides the graphic design/logo/branding categories the "Identify that animal" is one of the games I can sometimes win, but usually it's someone new to the app. Life fail that is oh so fun! Quiz up allows you to play someone live or challenge back and forth with friends.