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Weekend Edition: The Big Wedding

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Summerfield Delight | Weekend Edition: The Big Wedding


This post comes with a theme that joins with my big announcement for the week. You have all heard me talk about the "Big Wedding" in San Francisco with the lovely lovebirds traveling all the way from Australia for the big event. 

This weekend doesn't just mark a huge moment in the couple's life, but the moment mine changes as well. Fitting that it comes at the time of Lacee's wedding, since the announcement is wedding themed as well...

No! I didn't get engaged or elope. Style Me Pretty is a wedding blog with some of the best curators, bloggers and creative minds in the blogging business out there. These lovely ladies just happen to be close neighbors in the Boston area. What in the heck does that have to do with me do you ask? The morning after returning from San Francisco I will officially be a SMP-Living staffer? Say what? Yes, I will help craft and develop the "Living" blog for Style Me Pretty. I am not joking, just a little over a year after blogging for myself (of course I have blogged for previous employers) I get to be a part of some of the coolest chics in the business.

Before then, I get to combo Lacee's big day with my big celebration. A reunion of friends I haven't seen in five years, as well as get ready for a whirlwind. I am working hard at creating my own path inside of the design world, and this feels like the first step in a year that is actually a positive advance in the right direction.


Wordsmith: Logolepsy

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Summerfield Delight | Wordsmith: Logolepsy

Fall is the season we wander bookstores, buy a few extra books to read and stack them high on our bedside tables anticipating staying up all night reading. Those of us who love a good book probably have logolepsy that obsession with new words, hence this series. For those studying in school, or those just dreaming of the days when they were in school I give you ... LOGOLEPSY.

Weekend Edition

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Summerfield Delight | Weekend Edition - Ballet

So I decided to switch up the schedule here a bit, as I develop my editorial calendar I know I want something about enjoying weekend time. We all waste too much time on Netflix searching, so it starts with a great movie to watch, and then then the "theme" that carries on through the rest of the weekend. All movies you will find on here are available to watch on Netflix Instant at the time of posting the video, so watch soon!

First Position is a great movie for anyone who loved Center Stage or Black Swan, see what it is really like to train to be a ballet dancer. These kids are crazy dedicated, and you will realize that you are a giant bum. Between Ballet Beautiful shoes and workout videos, and then the Free People Movement collection your "bum" self will at least look the part ;)

Essential Oil Facial Serum

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Summerfield Delight | Essential Oils

I have been struggling with finding the right product for my face lately, and I have been missing the extremely expensive serum that the lady at Nordstrom gave me a sample to try. I knew that the sample I was given, wasn't the right fit, but something organic, something with essential oils and pretty (duh!) was in order. 

When Carbon Beauty helped me find these little gems I was thrilled. My favorite is the Rose Serum, but the Frankincense and Immortelle are also come highly recommended. I am currently doing some research about essential oils, and how you should really be using them in your daily routine. Note that you can't apply essential oils directly without a carrier oil, so it comes recommended to try something out like these from Carbon. 

I have to say, I don't mind keeping these out on my perfume tray, especially since I am down to two perfumes I need some new pretties for the tray. The packaging is absolutely beautiful and can't wait to try out more products to round out my skincare routine!

DIY Headboard Update

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Summerfield Delight | DIY headboard

When I first moved into my lovely little loft, I had these GIANT walls that felt empty without a headboard. The "diy headboard movement" (is that really a thing?) was just getting started and I ran out to the store, grabbed some mattress foam, and 2 yards of this fabulous, but super bright fabric. I get a little excited in the fabric store, and always end up coming home with material that I don't actually go out looking for, usually its MUCH brighter than what I would prefer. 

So now more than two years later, I decided to take the plunge and update my bedroom with a few small diys to keep it soft, and neutral and more industrial, like the rest of the space. The one qualification was that it needed to stay "light and vintage" so that my soft vintage bedding I have collected over the years still matches. I scored some great Threshold bedding for a special treat, to keep the floral feeling, and bring in soft grays and greens.

DIY #1 - paint the bright turquoise lamps green. I have a rainbow of valspar testers that I can use, and mixed up a nice sage green for the lamp.

DIY #2 - recover the headboard. I used Ikea's BJÖRNLOKA fabric, which is used in the link as a duvet cover, but I bought by the yard. You literally CANNOT beat ikea's prices on upholstery fabric by the yard. Just be flexible and open to whatever they have in stock. Sometimes the new season's pattern is sold out super quick.

I am not going to bore you with the DIY headboard tutorial, since there are 1,001 different ways of going about it. I like to keep it simple, just a simple staple gun and one or two seams of fabric. This literally took me tops 2 hours the first time around and 20 minutes to change out the fabric, so there are no excuses!

Do you diy your headboards?

Summerfield Delight | DIY headboard

Note on the before images: for some reason, I forget to take REAL nice before images, so these are courtesy of my instagram feed. Left = painting the lamps aqua, bright floral headboard, pairing them sage green.

Summerfield Delight | DIY headboard

PS. I cleaned my room mom!